Why a Permanent Memorial?

In these days of fleeting memories and shortened historical timeline, creating a place of permanent remembrance of those that have gone before us can create an invaluable link to your past. A columbarium niche combines the traditional benefits of a permanent memorial with the environmental and economic concerns of modern internment.

Why Choose the Columbarium?

  • Inurnment at St. Andrew allows you to establish final plans and wishes for yourself and your family, while minimizing the planning, difficult decision making and time constraints required of a full-body burial.
  • Cremation and inurnment is an economical and ecofriendly alternative to traditional burial.
  • Inurnment at St. Andrew allows you and your family or friends to remain close to the community and the church.
  • Niches can be purchased on a pre-need or as-needed basis.
  • The purchase of a memorial plaque is a low cost alternative for remembering someone close.

What is Included?

  • For an inurnment, the Columbarium offers a secure stainless steel niche covered with an engraved granite facing plate.
  • For both inurnments and memorial plaques, the cost engraving of name(s) and date(s) is included.
  • Assistance is provided before and during any memorial service or a simple family gathering, including coordination with clergy as needed.
  • Perpetual care of the Columbarium and surrounding gardens is assured.
  • A permanent record of niche and memorial plaque names and dates is kept.

Please contact us today and find out if a Columbarium niche is right for you!