What is a columbarium?

A columbarium is a vault with niches to hold urns containing cremated human remains.

Where is the columbarium located?

The columbarium is located within a masonry and granite wall midway along the Memorial Walkway north of the St. Andrew sanctuary.

Is there an area for memorial plaques without cremains?

The columbarium has a dedicated section for memorial plaques for those who wish to honor a loved one with a simple granite marker.

What is the view of the United Methodist Church towards cremation?

The process of cremation is not in conflict with the beliefs or doctrines of the church and is supported when it is the choice of the deceased or family. Cremation has found  increasing acceptance as a manner of treating the body at death with appropriate reverence for the life that it contained.

What are the benefits of a columbarium for St. Andrew and the surrounding community?

A niche in a columbarium is modest in cost and creates a link between a person’s life and death. Cremation is also a sound ecological choice. The setting of the Memorial  walkway invites contemplation and is a peaceful place for families and friends to gather in prayer, love and remembrance.

Who may be accepted in the columbarium?

The columbarium is open to all members and constituents of St. Andrew, as well as all members of the community at large.

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