Celebration Brick

The St. Andrew Columbarium is sponsoring a unique opportunity to honor our past and celebrate our present in the history of St. Andrew and leave a legacy for years to come with the Celebration Brick campaign. The bricks will be installed along the walkway on the north side of St. Andrew and will commemorate joyous moments and cherished memories that make life extraordinary. Whether you’re honoring your family, friends, or a special group, commemorating a wedding anniversary or birthday, celebrating a graduation, birth, or baptism, remembering a loved one, or marking any other milestone, the Celebration Brick offers a meaningful way to honor that which holds a special place in our heart.

Please fill out the form below to sign up for Celebration Brick.

By submitting this form you are pledging to purchase a Celebration Brick for $150.00. All proceeds will benefit the St. Andrew Columbarium perpetual care fund.


Each line can contain up to 21 characters (letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and spaces), though a limit of 18 characters is recommended. It's possible to engrave 4 lines of text, but up to 3 lines of text is suggested.

We request that inscriptions be in all capital letters for uniformity and readability.